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  » Voice Alarm and Public Address Systems
Voice Alarm Systems / Public Address Systems (known as VA/PA systems) sometimes interface and compliment Fire Alarm Systems. IGPA can Design-Supply-Install & Commission Voice Alarm/Public Address Systems which are also deemed as life saving. As with the Fire Alarm Systems every effort is made to ensure that the end product is of the highest standard and that it complies with BS5839-8.

Effectively this confirms that IGPA complies with current legislation VA / PA rack controlled systems normally interfacing to the local fire alarm system.

Central or distributed Voice Alarm systems Wide range of speakers fully integrated with fire detection systems and other systems Public address systems. Public address systems equipment can form part of a public address system, offering additional facilities such as paging, noise masking and background music.

Speech and warning tones may be broadcast to specific groups of people or individuals across single or multi-zone areas.

These systems are usually required in places of public gatherings such as shopping centres, theatres, cinemas and various types of stadiums.

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