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We have successfully supplied and installed various Access and Door entry control systems. These systems are an effective way of managing access into and around buildings. The various systems can comprise of the following:
  1. KEYPAD ENTRANCE/EXIT – A contemporary solution based on client requirements.

  2. STAND ALONE CARD ACCESS - Single proximity card readers are more efficient in today’s environment. Each reader is programmed individually.

  3. PC BASED ACCESS CONTROL - For any number of doors. All controlled by a PC. This system can incorporate biometric in the form of fingerprint readers, or retina readers and will also function as a time and attendance package including the production of photo ID cards.

  4. NETWORKED SYSTEMS – Linked either to a P.C as above or alternatively to a Fire Alarm system, thus allowing sufficient egress in the event of a fire, complying with Health & Safety.

Access control is required internally but what is needed to secure businesses from outside influences? That is where Audio and Video entry systems are required. Our experience makes sure that with consultation the right system is provided with both technical and budgetary elements considered.

The benefits of a video entry system will allow the user to visually verify any visitors and all of the systems are compatible with card or keypad access, automatic gates and barriers. We can install video systems linked to a digital recorder.

If you would like to discuss any of the services that we provide, then you can call us on 01707 268 300 or you can view our [ full contact details ].


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