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Fire Safety Law

Independent Third Party Certification

With the introduction of new legislation, there is now a requirment for fire safety equipment and services to be provided by competent persons and organisations.

The Government has issued a series of eleven guides aimed at specific business areas to help employers and owners understand their responsibilities.

Common to all of these guides is Section 8:
"Third Party certification schemes for fire protection products and related services are an effective means of providing the fullest possible assurances, offering a level of quality, reliability and safety that non-certified products may lack. ...Third Party quality assurances can offer comfort, both as a means of satisfying you that the goods and services you have purchased are fit for purpose, and as a means of demonstrating that you have complied with the law".
It is important, therefore, that you understand what "Third Party" quality assurance schemes offer. Our company, and all persons we employ to carry out fire safety work is competent, and we can provide you with a certificate of conformity as proof of our competency.

As a BAFE registered company, you can be confident that in choosing IGPA Services Ltd, you have used a 'Competent Contractor'.

A nationally recognised quality scheme for fire alarm systems is SP203. This is a modular scheme that provides certification for the individual modules that comprise a system:
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Verification
IGPA Services Ltd can provide a Third Party certificate for all of these types of work.


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